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Really Bizzare Sex!

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Just Erotica / Soft Core

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Erotic Magazine











Starting off with mild, normal every day stuff, these links include a bit of eveything. There's pretty girls, really nice guys, and they're doing pretty much what most people do. The mixture entails, guy/girl, girl/girl, guy/guy, and some 3 Way stuff. Enjoy!


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EnglishPsycho (Asian Trans)

Alex Vicious2





In case you haven't seen a Tranny (a Boy/Girl) lately, here is a multitude of them. I am not necessarily into dicks, but some of these trannys are pretty damn HOT, except for that big dong some of them sport. Hell, I'm jealous! Anyway, to some open minded, bi-curious or gay guy, that may be The Cat's Meow!.








Bysexual —I'm sure you've heard of it— entails men & women interacting sexually with their own gender as well as the opposite gender. Most interesting are the "Menage a Trois" usually MFM but FMF as well. People spice up their intimacy by doing a little "strange" or "Out of the Box" if you will. A subset of that is bi-curious. As; I've always been heterosexual, However, I am a bit bi-curious, meaning that I am open minded, and would probably give that a whirl. You know, the old "Try Anything Once" deal, given it's a mix gender situation.

Just Dicks





huge cocks

Just Dicks! That's pretty much the content of these links. There are a multitude of shape & sizes —be sure to check out the "Huge Cocks"— the mixture includes: Big, Small, Fat, Cut, Uncut, Limp, Hard, Pierced, Tattooed, Being Yanked, Being sucked, Shooting a load, Pissing, and last, "Dick Cheese". It's called smegma and one of the reasons for circumcision. Ewwwww! Wouldn't want to be sucking those dicks.
Well, just to take a peek. Surely, you will see something interesting.

Little Dicks

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2 Inches Hard





Awwwwwwww! You gotta feel sorry for you guys with tiny dicks. Even though, if a girl likes you, you don't need a huge dick to please her, —a savvy tongue will do even better— but if you are less than 3 - 4 inches hard, don't plan on that wild & crazy sex, you dream about. It ain't gonna happen.



Incredible shit

More Incredible Shit

Sounding is one of those things that I didn't know anything about. Holy Shit! I'm still trying to wrap my head around, men sticking metal rods   —even if they are specifically made for that purpose— in their pee hole and then jerking off. But there's more, and it's freaky. There's someone injecting some kind of fluid with a huge serynge in his dick, and I'm still trying to figure that out. Then, there's the guy that is letting an earth worm crawl right into his dong, until it disappears.... OMG! The thought of living critters crawling up your pee hole, just blows my mind. There's more! One guy is seen pushing steel ball bearings down his shaft and then squeezing them out. I mean; really? Ballbearings? Why?
A Must See! Check out the links, each shows a variety of really freakish videos.


Coming soon!
Genital mutilation is another sick, twisted Paraphilia, mostly done by men. I don't understand what pleasure they might derive from butchering their dick or balls... But, I'm just showing you what you don't usually see. I din't find anything on Twitter about this topic, but did find pictures on Bing, that are forthcoming.
The page is coming soon, check back.

Self Suck autofellatio

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Creepy guy/girl

I wish I could!


Well I'm sure you've heard this a millon times —give or take— when someone watches a dog lick his balls and he says "Wow! if I could do this I wouldn't leave home". It turns out that he probably could if he really wanted to as you can see by visiting the links. So, I'm wondering if this is real or some video editing magic. I know that if I try to bend like that, — I can barely touch my ankles when I try to touch my toes— my dick seems soooo far away.... I don't see that possibility in my furure.



Not much to say about this.
To cuckold is defined as to engage in an affair with someone's wife, or to have an affair on your husband.

By description:
When a woman has a romantic affair that your husband does not know about, this is an example of a time when she cuckold her husband.

When a man has a romantic affair with another man's wife, this is an example of a time when he cuckold the man.

Screwing Sex dolls

Blow up doll

Sex doll

Dirty old man

Young Guy with Doll

Truth be told, I've been fascinated with sex dolls for a while. It started a few years ago when I ran across a story about someone in the UK, prostituting / renting sex dolls. Hummmmm I thought! So I stated cehcking out sex dolls and found that they can be very expensive. to ,000 for cheap ones, to over k for the AI ones that talk to you and tell you what they like. I couldn't find videos of guys doing sex dolls until just recently. I was looking for something else and found them. So, here it is; guys screwing sex dolls. The first link has a guy doing a blow up doll. Ewwwwwww! but funny. Wonder how that feels. The last link, is one of the better ones. He seems to be having a good time.

Men with Pussies

Double penetration

Eat the thing out!

More of the same

Wow more pussy!


Here is another case of "Heard about it, but never seen it. Men with Pussies, but not Post op trannys GOd, it looks like the real thing, but it might as well be hung on a cow. I just don't think that some hairy guy with a snatch could do it for me. But, that's just me. It is mind boggling though, kinda like a freak show, because it is so "Out of the box" to the average Joe; me included. Having said that, I haven't tried it, so I'm not knocking it.

CFNM Clothe Females Naked Males

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I had never heard of that "CFNM" Apparently it's a thing, or they're trying to make it a thing. But it's different. I wouldn't mind participating or attending a CFNM party. Most is pretty innocent but some take it a step further an indulge in CFNM Ball Busting. What I can't wrap my head around is: guys that actually enjoy having women Kick them in the balls. What's harder to figure out is how many of these guys have a big Hard On while being kick in the balls.

CFNM Ballbusting













This is the same as above but more into Ball Busting and dominating / humiliating men. Why do these men endure or freakier yet, enjoy this treatment? Beats the shit out of me! And, you can't imagine what women do to these guys balls and/or dicks. How wicked they can be! OMG! Some of these go way beyond just kicking balls. There are so many different mechanical devices, contraptions that are being used to; I guess pleasantly torture these guys. To me, some of it is like slapstick comedy. You know, someone trips & falls and we laugh, here someone gets kick in the balls and falls and we laugh.... It's funny!










An overlapping abbrevation of Bondage and Discipline (BD), Dominance and Submission (DS), Sadism and Masochism (SM). BDSM entails many different sex roles. People being tied up, chained, caged... then there the many different types of pain given & received.... I could write a book on this stuff, but for now check out the links and see for yourself. I'm looking for better links & other sites on BDSM





This is part of BDSM (discipline/domination) Just wanted to break it up a little. Here people enjoy tying up others. It seems very complex, like an art form. And on the flip side people being tied up, seem to really get into it... Oh well! A Must See.










Oh Boy! This category is so interesting. I am claustrophobic to the max, so I just can't imagine how people can get mummified like some of these guys do. That is so horrifying to me. On the rubber side, the interesting aspect is the gas masks and the aroma breathing apparatuses. Also, the Jerk off machines are an interesting twist to the rubber suited or the mummies. More incredible yet, is the extent of this practice; the dungeons, and all that BDSM equipment to get literally tortured by Doms or dominatrices, even if it is for pleasure. You will be Amazed at what you see!

Vacuum Beds

Vac Beds

I would die! If someone stuck me in one of those, I would die from a panic attack. But, it's fascinating how some people get their cookies off in this type of environment. Be sure to check out some of the ashtag links on the tweets, to see many variations of these vacuum beds. We only have 1 link, but we'll find more as we go.



Wow! I feel like I've been hiding under a rock all this time. I had no idea that people were buzzing to a big "O" However, I recently had these little shock pads on my hand for Arthritis treatment. Oh.... I can see how that could be really stimulating. I wonder if I can convince the therapist that I have Arthritis on my dick... lol Anyways, looking for more links.

The Pumpers




I had seen that before, from ads on porn sites to make your dick bigger... But, I had never seen the way some of these guys use a penis pump. I mean, some guys pump to extreme and their dicks look deformed in some cases. Then, there's the guys that pump their balls too. Some even inject some sort of saline slution in their ball sack and make it HUGE. OMG! That looks so freaky!

Extreme Insertion



Huge Insertions

It seems that people DO like to stick things up their asses; men & women. And they say that's only porn site stuff. I beg to differ. In these links —the are more to come— you will see people stick HUGE things up their asses. Is it a "It hurts so bad that it feels good" kind of thing? I don't know, but I know one thing, —based on the size of those things— my virgin ass is NOT going there.

Double Penetration / Gang Bang


Gang Bang

More links to come. It takes time to find this stuff.

Come hungry sluts


Cum Cuties

Cum Hall of Fame

Cum Selfies

Not much to describe here. Just women that love Cum or Creampies. Nothing freaky. Probably more of a masturbator enhancement. Lol

Incest fantasy











Here is your fantasy world. While there is no way of telling if these are really incest. Mom & Son, dad & daughter, dad & son, brother & sister, cousins... Who knows, but if the fantasy turns you on, then enjoy! Some of these could conceivably be real.

Foot Fetish



Gemand jewel

Crush fetish

Well, I've always known about foot fetishes, you know like kissing, licking feet, sucking on toes... but never thought of getting a foot job, and guys are comming that way... Hummmmmmm! that sounds different.... lol. Also, which I did not know is the Crush Fetish, where people like to crush small animals, evn bugs and food stuff to trampling on humans. Gmand Jewel is about that. The Crush Fetish link is wikipedia's definition & explanation of this bizarre fetish. By the way, this is listed as a Paraphilia: named Crush Fetish. I just love this shit! It's so Kinky! BUT... I'm not crushing anything, except cockroaches.

Fat Girls




They are referred to as BBW: Big Beautiful Women. That's what you will see in this link. Will look for more links.

Really Hairy Pussies







OMG! If you like really hairy women, this is right up your alley. I for one, am not a fan of pubes. I manscape regularly to keep that region under control, and more appealing, as most women do. However, these women must really love their bush! Some of these women have armpit hair as bushy as their nether regions....lol. Looking at these, my only thoughts are EWWWWWW! Not a turn on. But then again; Different Strokes for Different Folks.

Pissing in......

Click to see the Best Of Piss in Pants

Best Peeing (Girls)


Best of pissingh girls


Piss in pants

Female piss

Water Sport Dare

Plan Pisses

As I mentioned before, this is a listed paraphilia. Some people enjoy urinating in their pants or on someone who enjoyes being peed on... Some get a little freakier and have people piss in their mouth, and some even drink it... Some piss in a glass & chug it down like a cold beer... People are pissing everywhere & on eveything. Is the piss itself gratifying or is it the act of doing something really "out of the box"? There is a litlle of everything in these links. More links coming soon.



More shit






WARNING! Really Graphic Content! Here you will see a lot of people interacting with others while shitting all over them, some are eating shit and others are jerking off or fucking while smeares with shit.... It's called Scat Sex! By the way, this is listed as a Paraphilia. Coprophilia: sexual attraction to (or pleasure from) feces
Most of these videos are KINDA GROSS (to me anyway) You should not look at this page while eating.

Toilet sex

toilet sex

People that like to have sex in public -or private- toilets. There are a few videos that involve shit.... but for the most part it's relatively mild. If you did not know what a "Glory Hole" was, look at the topic picture on the right.....


About poppers

Poppers are aromas that people sniff to get a sexual boost. I had never heard of it, but see a lot of videos of guys sniffing while wanking off... More to come on this later

Animal Sex

Click to see the Best Of Animal Sex

links coming soon.



Sex on the Screen

Click to see the Best Of Sex on the Screen.

Oh wow! I didn't realize that there was so much sex in movies. I mean, you can see Pussies all you want, as well as tons of Dicks, which you hardley saw in my time. Most movies I saw in he 60s 70s, had fake sex, most of the scenes were just heads bopping back & forth, I would see a guy's but at most... But what I see now, is real, unsimilated sex. You name it they do it. Straight, gay, lesbian, there's a whole spectrum of sex genres and activities.

So, what you'll find here is a long list of titles that can be found and played on various Firestick Apps: tubiTV, BeeTV, TeaTV, Cinema.... I'm still working on it, so bare with me as I list titles and a brief description of the content. Enjoy.


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