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The purpose of this site is to explore anything & everything sex. Wow! I thought I knew a lot about sex but, it turns out I don't know crap, lol. As I explore various sites on the web, I am seeing some really mind-blowing stuff that people do to get off. Oh My God! I had no idea! Read More...

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Send me your Erotic, Taboo or preferably your Really Bizarre Sex, videos or photos to share here on my site. If I put it up, it will not get deleted. Check out the site and send me anything that fits in one of the topics. I'll be happy to link your post to any site you want. Twitter, Onlyfans... contact me here

Has Your Celery Gone Dead?
Mine Has. See my story

Oh my! It was Dead aas a Doornail. What a scary feeling I had no clue of what was happening.... Read More here

Colombia's Donkey Sex
Interesting Documentary

I'm guessing that you have all heard of farmers getting it on with their farm animals: Goats, Sheeps, Donkeys and that in our culture is considered weird & perverted but in Colombia, it seems it's the norm. Wath the 15 minute documentary video, it's very enlightening. You have to register to access it. See it here